About Serra CPA

Serra CPA is a firm organized to serve the needs of mission driven leaders.

“Bold Ingenuity”

Valentina Serra leads the team with over 35 years as a trusted business advisor. She is an entrepreneur and is the daughter of an entrepreneur. Her experiences run from public accounting to private industry – from Fortune 500 companies to companies in start-up and growth. Beyond that, Ms. Serra has taught business computing at Wayne State University and served as adjunct professor at Eastern Michigan University.

As a leader, Ms. Serra is able to see opportunities where others see only threats. She’s quick to solve problems with fresh solutions that captivate with a new perspective. Ever conscientious of the smallest details, Ms. Serra focuses on adding value through better execution; constantly envisioning ways to improve and upgrade. Motivated by a competitive spirit and determined outlook, Ms. Serra earns the respect of colleagues and clients alike for her persistence, intellect and most of all, results.

Serra CPA is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have, and create an effective solution for your business needs.